Delivery Program Delta-i is completed

Friday 20 March 2015

Delivery Program Delta-i is almost completed. In addition to the Delta-i which is produced in various heights and thicknesses Leenders now has the necessary mounting and assembly tools ready. All these products are in Stainless steel 304 as the Delta-I to be sure for a long lasting use.

Assembly / laying Delta-i.
Delta-i can just be put on the wall. For a better hygiene or where no pit wall is we have 3 kind of brackets for a quick and secure assembly of the Delta-i. Two of these brackets are mounted without fasteners.

A bracket is provided with a pin and can be mounted in a hole in the wall. The other is provided with a special bent and can be hung on a wall. The last bracket is mounted to the wall with 4 lag screws.

Coupling of two Delta-i beams.
Besides this bracket Leenders also has a stainless steel bracket to couple two Delta-i beams. This part can be provided with a stainless steel tube so that it can immediately serve as a support leg for longer distances.

Connection bracket / spacer.
The most recently developed product is a connection bracket between two Delta-i beams. These brackets hold the floor closed in case the slats (cast iron or tribar slats) are placed on top of the plastic slats.
In addition to the function of spacer the part is also provided with stainless steel nuts. With this extra function it is easy to fasten slats or crates from above to the slatted floor. You don’t have to go into the pit during assembling anymore.

With these tools we have complete package for quick and easy assembly. Customers and assembly teams are excited about the whole program.

For more information, please contact Roel van Gastel +31 653488667 or The products can be seen on our website.